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Design and Installation 

GardenKeep has experience with a wide variety of landscape and garden styles; from cool and natural woodlands to hot tropical pool scenes.


The design phase is a collabrative process. Liz will meet with you to discuss all aspects of your project. The end result is a customized design that is a beautiful match for you and your landscape.


For the installation we use proper site preparation and planting techniques to optimize plant and soil health. These steps insure your project is ecologically sustainable and will provide you with beauty and functionality year after year.

Some Projects you may envision:

Foundation Plantings               Island Beds

Rock Gardens                            Cutting Gardens

Small Fountains                        Privacy Hedges

Zen Gardens                              Slope Plantings

Container Gardens                    Herb Gardens

Dry Stonewalls                          Stepstone Paths

Call Liz to set up a design meeting, and we can get things blooming! 

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