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Keep Deer Away

My first spring act in the landscape the other day was using Liquid Fence. Liquid Fence is a product made from eggs and garlic. I have used this product for years to keep deer from eating Tulips at my clients. We have quite a gang of deer that hangout in my wooded back yard and recently have started to avail themselves of some better variety in my front yard. Being the cobbler with so few of my own shoes, I am not inclined to share! So I spray shrubs, bulb foliage, etc., that they might want to eat. I also spray rocks and treebark and low hanging branches that are along entryways to the area.

The strong smell impacts the deer sense of smell in order to keep them away. Now is the time to spray to keep them out of the habit of putting prime areas of your yard on their daily buffet of delicacies. A reminder when you spray anything - pause yourself often to feel what way and how strong the breeze is blowing! I buy the Liquid Fence product at Green Path Garden Supply in Northborough.

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